Solo Exhibition, Gatehouse of Fleet

Been busy these last few weeks and am up to my eyes with framing. But please make your way to The Mill on the Fleet for a gander at my recent efforts. Show runs from Saturday 29th September to the end of October 2012.

Not all of these made my final selection, but check out the video in the above post to visit the actual show.



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Spring Fling 2012?

Although I’m not taking part in the official Spring Fling this year, I’ll have work in the McGill Duncan Gallery’s exhibition running from 12th May – 14th July.


“Unknown Soldier”

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Experimental Departure

My two submissions to the Aberdeen Artists Annual Exhibition (Aberdeen Art Gallery, May 5th – June 9th) have been selected for exhibition. ‘Here’s Looking At Euclid’ and ‘Encounter,’ my experimental collision of easel painting and Pollock-inspired controlled accident.

I originally intended to incorporate photographic evidence of the work in progress into the final composition, but eventually settled on a more straightforward juxtaposition of original reference painting and its spattered monotone reincarnation. 

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Portrait for the Senate Hall, New College, Edinburgh

When portrait commissions go swimmingly I think seriously about seeking them more actively. This recent one of Dr Ruth Page was a case in point, with the composition suggesting itself almost immediately, and the sitter being generous enough to sit for the duration of the process – roughly ten sittings.


I’m extremely grateful to those who put the commission my way, and to Dr Page for being such a patient and hospitable subject.


From a distance there’s perhaps a somewhat forbidding air, but the humour and friendliness becomes apparent on closer acquaintance. Ruth was President of New College 1996 – ’99; the first woman to hold the position. She’s particularly noted for her scholarly works on ecology and the natural world, explored from a theological perspective.


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December Exhibitions

From galleries in the Central Belt to Castle Douglas and all the way to Suffolk, my work is adorning gallery walls in winter exhibitions. Grab a woolly hat and mittens and skate along to one near you.  (Click the links or contact me for more samples and information.)

McGill Duncan Gallery, Castle Douglas

The Silver Sugar Bowl

Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh

MacGregor Fine Art, Glasgow

Resipole at the Drey, Suffolk

Blytheswood Gallery, 15 Blythswood Square, Glasgow (no website)

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YouTube Portfolio

In the absence of new content that I’m ready to post, I’ll just insert this slideshow which I’ve had on YouTube for a while.

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Budding Artist!

I was able to give ‘Here’s Looking at Euclid’ its first public airing at the Spring Fling last month, and I was pleased to see that it drew interest from a wide range of viewers. One young chap quietly devoted an hour to sketching all fifteen panels into his sketchbook – a real compliment! His mum kindly scanned me the result…

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New for March




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Now Showing

I’ve always got works and works in progress at home…

“The White Vase”

And, for anyone interested, there’s about 24 pieces of mine currently spread out between two galleries in Glasgow:

Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow
19 Parnie Street
0141 552 7779
Open Tue – Sat, 12pm to 5pm
& by arrangement

And at MacGregor Fine Art
Connal Building, 5th Floor, 34 West George Street
0141 332 5551

Open Tue-Sat,10am – 5.30pm

(Iain MacGregor has my work in stock, and will hang it in March.)

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Other New Work

Just a smattering of recent work from the end of last year… No sign of the impending geometry fever!


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Happy New Year

“The Rest is Noise”

Off to a busy start this month producing 16 new works… (even if 15 of them together really only count as one.)

“Here’s Looking at Euclid”

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September Exhibition

Just pausing in my painting frenzy to say I’ll be one of five painters showing in the Billcliffe Gallery’s aptly titled group show, ‘Five,’ opening on September 3rd, 2010.

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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Sorry for the dearth of posts. Been ferrying work around galleries rather than producing much new work.

Click on links for addresses and further details.

19th June through August: Summer Exhibition “Come Rain, Come Shine and Summer Bouquet” Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow


3rd July – August 2010: Summer Exhibition, Resipole Studios, Ardnamurchan

25th June – 27th July: Glasgow Art Club Summer Exhibition

Morningside Gallery

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Hot off the easel…

I set up this arrangement to give my students a challenge painting fabric with a limited palette. Couldn’t resist tackling it myself.

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Welcome to my Blog!

With the demise of Geocities, I’ll use this as my new calendar of forthcoming exhibitions, as well as a general dumping ground for jpegs of recent work. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time or inclination to learn how to use this properly, but do check back soon, and send me an angry message if there’s nothing new!

I’ll kick things off with a totally uncategorised smattering of (mostly) recent work.

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‘Housemates’ Solo Exhibition Review, 2001


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‘Northern Light, Italian Sunlight’ Review, 1998


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