Commissioning a Portrait FAQ’s


Do the subjects sit live or is the painting done from photos?

My strong preference is to work from life, when possible. I’d like my growing body of work to be a record of more extended human encounters rather than a series of artfully manipulated photographs.

Where do the sittings take place?

I rent a studio in Cockenzie, outside Edinburgh, but I’m happy to travel and paint in different settings as per the requirements of the portrait. Travel costs are added to the bill.

How long does the process take?

A realist portrait from life needn’t require endless sittings – two or three per sitter of around three hours each can suffice, unless it’s a very large or elaborate work. Many first-rate artists insist on much longer, but my current painterly interest is in the quick, direct approach.

How much would it cost? 

Here is a typical range, where higher-end pricing reflects greater complexity of background or costume.

Small: £1000 – £1500

Medium: £1500 – £3000

Large: £3000 + 

Commissions for institutions will usually be dearer.

How do I get in touch? email


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