Hot off the easel…

I set up this arrangement to give my students a challenge painting fabric with a limited palette. Couldn’t resist tackling it myself.

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2 Responses to Hot off the easel…

  1. What a delight to find such fantastic current work out there being perpetrated by someone who really knows what they`re doing! More power to you and continued success. God knows we could do with such like in N Ireland where `real` painting doesn`t find a viewer or a market. Well done Ewan.

    • ewanmcclure says:

      Thanks very much Kenny! That means a lot, especially coming from a painter of such rare fluency and wit.

      Sorry that you’re finding the N Irish art world so unreceptive. I’m amazed – surely your work has universal appeal. Having said that, I’m not certain you’d find it easier here (though I’m sure a gallery like the Morningside here in Edinburgh would be thrilled to show your work.) I get the impression we have more kindred spirits across the Atlantic.

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